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Mark Zuckerberg blasts back at Tim Cook saying Apple devices should be cheaper

December 6 | Posted by sarah | Phone News Tags: , , ,

In September of this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an open letter, explaining the Cupertino firm’s privacy policy. The CEO writes, “When an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product.” We all know that Cook was referring to Google in this statement, but it seems it affected another industry giant, Facebook. In an interview with... Read more

New patent could mean future iPhones no longer drop on their face

December 4 | Posted by chris | Hardware News Tags: , , , , ,

We all know iPhones cost an arm and a leg. Sadly, once they are dropped on their face, almost always the glass on the screen shatters. With a new patent granted by the USPTO to Apple, the Cupertino firm looks to change the fate of the iPhone when dropped. The invention prevents future iPhones from dropping on their face. ... Read more

Here are the 12 lessons Steve Jobs taught Guy Kawasaki every entrepreneur should know

November 28 | Posted by sarah | Phone News Tags: , , , , ,

Guy Kawasaki is a known tech consultant, paving the way to success for a lot of tech companies. He has also work for Apple twice under the leadership of Steve Jobs. We all know Jobs is not an easy boss to satisfy, buy Kawasaki survived what many call an ordeal. The consultant and huge supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship, however,... Read more