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Random people on the street asked to compare Samsung Galaxy Tab S to Apple iPad Air

September 1 | Posted by sarah | Tablet News Tags: , , , , , ,

Samsung asked random people on the street which tablet was better – the Samsung Galaxy Tab S or the Apple iPad Air. Of course, this is Samsung’s ad so we already know which tablet comes up on top. However, you can hit play below to see the ad for yourself. Which tablet do you think is better? Is it the Samsung... Read more

Apple boasts App Store created more than 600,000 jobs across Europe

August 7 | Posted by nadine | App News Tags: , , , ,

Apple is pretty proud of itself. After revealing record-breaking revenues generated by the App Store, it is now claiming that 600,000 jobs in Europe were created thanks to its App Store . Apple further explains on its website: With more than 1.2 million apps and over 75 billion downloads, the App Store has created an entirely new industry: iOS app design and development. Since we... Read more

Apple iPhones still the top-selling smarties as of May 2014 – 17% of Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers ditched their iPhones

July 31 | Posted by sarah | Phone News Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

Market watchers at Kantar have published a report, revealing that Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C remained the top-selling smartphones in May of this year. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was only the third top-selling smartphone in the same month, but 17% of the smartphone’s buyers previously owned an iPhone. Kantar reports: The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reveals that the... Read more