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Judge Koh orders hearing between Samsung and Apple on the 30th of January – ‘Court-encouraged settlement discussions’ to take place

January 9 | Posted by sarah | Phone News Tags: , , , , , , ,

US Federal Judge Lucy Koh has ordered a hearing to take place between Samsung and Apple on the 30th of January. On that hearing, Judge Koh hopes that “Court-encouraged settlement discussions” will take place. FOSS Patents reports, “Last week Samsung requested an extension of time for its answer to Apple’s post-appeal renewed motion for a permanent injunction and permission to conduct discovery... Read more

Samsung Galaxy tablets beat Apple iPads in Christmas growth

January 2 | Posted by sarah | Tablet News Tags: , , , , , , , ,

When it comes to growth during the Christmas season, Samsung Galaxy tablets have beaten the Apple iPad. This is according to data from Onswipe. TechCrunch reports, “Touchscreen publishing company Onswipe has good news for Samsung. As Onswipe’s Chief Marketing Officer Jason Baptiste put it in an email, “Samsung clearly won Christmas when it comes to tablets.” “Specifically, the company looked at visitors to Onswipe-optimized... Read more

FTC official says Samsung and Apple ‘in the process of narrowing differences’

December 31 | Posted by sarah | Accessories Tags: , , , , ,

Getting sick and tired of Samsung and Apple slugging it out in various courtrooms around the world? According to an FTC official, the two are “in the process of narrowing differences.” The Korea Times reports, “Samsung Electronics has resumed negotiations with Apple to resolve disputes over patent-infringement claims that have continued for more than two years, sources said Sunday.” The FTC (Fair... Read more