Samsung unveils ‘Multi-Charging Wall Charger’ – charge as much as 3 devices all at once

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Samsung has unveiled the “Multi-Charging Wall Charger,” a new cable that can charge as much as three mobile devices.

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With the Samsung Multi-Charging Wall Charger, you can charge up to three micro USB devices at once. For example, a Bluetooth headset, a wearable (e.g. Samsung Gear 2), and your smartphone can be charged all at once! The Multi-charging cable optimizes the total charge across all three devices, dividing the 2A charge evenly. In other words, if you’re only charging two devices, power flows faster to each than if you were charging three simultaneously.

Optimized Power Split

The Multi-Charging Wall Charger will pass through up to 667mA for each device when three devices connected. Max 1A for each device when two devices connected. Max 2A to one device when only one connected. The charger will detect how many devices are connected and adjust the charge flowing to each to maximize the 2A charge across however many devices are connected.

Easy to Use

Simply plug the USB end of the cable into the wall charger head unit included and then plug the other end into the micro USB port of another device, or devices, you want to charge (up to 3 devices simultaneously).

Multiple Use Cases

The Multi-Charging Cable is easily portable and small enough to throw in your pocket or purse. This is also the perfect accessory for the on-the-go mobile device user who carries multiple devices and pushes them all to the limit. Charge a wearable, smartphone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or any other micro USB device up to three at a time from a single charger!

The Multi-Charging Wall Charger is listed as “coming soon” to the US. Mofonu will let you know once the accessory is available in the UK.

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