Apple no longer allows downgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 6

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If you’ve downloaded iOS 7 for your iDevice such as the Apple iPhone 5 and want to downgrade back to iOS 6, this is no longer possible as Apple no longer allows downgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 6.ios-7-evolution-1

The news comes to us via iMore. The site reports, “The directions we offered several weeks ago were for users that were running the beta version of iOS 7 before it was ever made available to the public. Once Apple released iOS 7 to everyone, they quickly stopped signing iOS 6 installs. This simply means that if you try and downgrade back to iOS 6, iTunes will produce an error message saying that you can’t. Users typically still a message saying they aren’t eligible for that specific build. You didn’t do anything wrong during the downgrade process, it just means you’re running a newer version, aka iOS 7, and Apple doesn’t want you going to an older version.

“This is common practice for Apple and something that they always do when they release a new version of iOS. We wish we could give you another option to get back to iOS 6 but we can’t right now.”

Are you running iOS 7? Do you wish to downgrade back to iOS 6? Let us know through a comment on our Facebook page.

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