One man starts queue for Apple iPhone 5S in Japan

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Apple has recently officially unveiled the Apple iPhone 5S, successor of the Apple iPhone 5. The handset is scheduled to go on sale in Japan on the 20th of September and one man has started to queue for the smartphone. This man is 44-year old Tetsuya Tamura.000_hkg8978849.62add080316.original

Tetsuya Tamura told AFP, “I’m glad to have secured first place.

He adds, “Being here gets my adrenaline going. I am using up my annual leave to be here, but getting the first handset will make it all worth it.”

AFP reports, “Apple has suffered a decline in its global share of the lucrative market as Android-run models, led by Samsung, expand their presence.

“The firm now has a window of opportunity in Japan, where the nation’s biggest mobile carrier NTT Docomo will sell the gadget for the first time.

“Although sales are now rocketing, Japan came relatively late to the smartphone, with many consumers preferring to stick to clam-shell models that have long-since looked outdated in other developed markets.

“While mobile phone technology in Japan initially raced ahead of other parts of the world, it developed in ways that never took off elsewhere, leading to a phenomenon dubbed “Galapagos-ization”, which slowed the introduction of smartphones.

“Docomo is now looking to reverse years of lost business after watching domestic rivals cash in on the iPhone bonanza.”

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