Apple updates Siri to insult Google Glass

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Apple has updated Siri, the snarky virtual personal assistant found on the iPhone 45 and iPhone 5, to insult Google Glass.2013-08-26-12.26.42-verge-super-wide

Siri responds in four different to the keyphrase “Okay Glass.” One response is, “I think that Glass is half empty.” The second is, “Glass? I think you’ve got the wrong assistant.” The third is, “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead, it won’t work.” The fourth is, “I’m not Glass. And I’m just fine with that.”

These responses can be found in iOS 6, but there are more in iOS 7 beta. So there might be more once Apple rolls out its new software.

Although amusing, we wish Apple would improve Siri even more instead of making it insult Google Glass.

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