Apple introduces iOS 7 with new Camera app

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Apple has newly introduced iOS 7 for iPhones and iPads. The device maker also introduced new features such as the new Camera app.camera_video_screen

In a press release, Apple announced, “iPhones are used to take more photos around the world every day than any other camera, and with iOS 7 the new Camera app features filters so you can add real-time photo effects. The Camera app now includes a square camera option, and you can quickly and easily switch between your four cameras—video, photo, square and panorama—with just a swipe.”

It explains more about the new feature on the iOS 7 website. Here, it explains, “Camera in iOS 7 puts all your shooting formats — still, video, panorama, and now square — front and center. With a swipe, you can capture what you want the way you want. Fast. And new filters let you do even more with each image. Give it a retro feel. Dial up the contrast.
Or go black and white. Artistic license is all yours.”

Speaking about the new feature’s “Filters,” Apple says, “You can apply filters to still and square photos. Pick a filter and see the effect before you take the picture. Or just take the shot and apply it later. If you ever change your mind and decide no filter is the best filter, you can simply remove it.”

iOS 7 will be rolling out in fall. It will include the new Camera app.

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