Poll reveals 76% feel iOS needs ‘overhaul’

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According to poll conducted by uSwitch, 76% of the site’s visitors believe that Apple’s “iOS needs a major overhaulapple-shows-off-more-of-ios-6-at-iphone-5-event-c0c8f783f2

The site reports, “Earlier this week, Thorsten Heins intimated in an interview with a business news site that iOS has not evolved since it debuted in 2007 and now looked superannuated next to more ‘alive’ user interfaces, such as the revamped HTC Sense and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Oh and his own company’s BlackBerry 10 software, of course.

“And in an impromptu survey conducted by uSwitch Tech, it was revealed that Heins isn’t the only one who feels that iOS needs a major overhaul to bring it up to speed and up to date.

“Of 501 site visitors quizzed, 76 per cent (390) said they felt iOS and its rigid grids of icons now felt ‘tired’ next to more recently refreshed operating systems.”

The site says, “The poll result comes after Apple last year handed responsibility for overhauling its OS to much lauded design don Jony Ive, whose remit was previously restricted to hardware.

“Given Ive’s less-is-more approach to industrial design, however, it’s doubtful whether the kind of UI whizz-bangs that some are hoping for will ever materialise.”

Apple is expected to launch the successor of the iPhone 5 sometime during the later part of the year. It is rumoured to sport features that will give the competition a run for their money. We’re just hoping that these features do not turn out be like the bug-infested Apple Maps app.

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