Rumour suggests Nexus 5 with Key Lime Pie will be based on the LG Optimus G Pro

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According to a rumour, the Nexus 5, successor of the highly popular Nexus 4, will be based on LG’s superphone the Optimus G Pro.

Kabirnews reports that “there is a Nexus 5 on the planning board that will come with Key Lime Pie pre-installed.”

It adds that “LG may will be basing the Nexus 5 on the LG Optimus G Pro. Sources indicate that Key Lime Pie may be released sometime in late spring and would be an improved version which could include the option of multiple user profiles.  This would have the Nexus 5 hitting the shelves with performance options that would allow the user to choose either longer battery time or better hardware performance.  Rumor control also says that there is the possibility of better Twitter integration.”

Speaking about specs, the site says, “The LG Optimus G Pro features a five inch, 1080p display and may have a 2GH quad core processor. According to inside sources, Google’s Nexus 5 will feature a Snapdragon 800 processor, 18mp camera and super PLS screen along with a 3000mAh battery.  The concept device has been said to run Android 4.5 making one believe that it is the supposed Android Key Lime Pie system.  The back side of the device looks a great deal like a compact version of the Nexus 4 with the same interesting design pattern.”

Of course, since LG or Google is yet to confirm these reports, take it with a large dose of salt.

Want to know more about the Nexus 5? We’ll keep you posted once we know more.

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