Rumoured Motorola X Phone powered by Android Key Lime Pie said to be unveiled at Google I/O

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According to a new rumour, Motorola will be lifting the lid on the X Phone powered by Android Key Lime Pie (the next version of Android) at Google I/O.

The news comes to us courtesy of DroidForums. Speaking about the phone’s display, the site says, “The new Motorola X Phone will be a 5-inch device, but the display will be edge-to-edge, and nearly bezel-free. This means it will actually look and feel smaller than a Samsung Galaxy S III.”

Apparently, the X Phone will not be the next Nexus. The site says, “The X Phone will not be a Nexus device. However, while this may initially bring unhappiness to some, apparently this phone will be Motorola’s first cross-carrier (hence the X-name) branded phone, free from the tether of Verizon. It is designed to be it’s own new hyper-competitive brand.”

It is said to run Android Key Lime Pie. According to the site, “Additionally, the Moto X-Phone will be the first device to ship with Android 5.0/Key Lime Pie and will be announced at the same time as the next mobile OS during Google I/O later this year.”

The X Phone is said to have a unique UI slapped on top of Android. The site says, “Finally, while this will not be a Nexus device, supposedly, Motorola has been working hard to create a UI that both compliments & enhances the Android experience, and is intended to be Nexus-like. Additionally, they are working on a variety of software add-ons to improve the functionality of the device further, much like several of Samsung’s software features, like S Beam for example.”

Is there any truth to the report? There’s no way for us to know for sure. After all, they do say that there was no “info across the web to back it up”.

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