Microsoft claims Windows Phone sales have increased 5 times in Q4 2012

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According to Microsoft, handsets powered by Windows Phone such as the Nokia Lumia 920 have increased fivefold in December of 2012. This was announced by Steve Ballmer, the Redmond firm’s CEO.

Aside from these surprising sales figures, Ballmer also announced huge sales Windows Phone sales figures for November. He claims that sales were up four times compared to the same period in 2011. However, he failed to reveal the exact figures.

At Qualcomm’s keynote speech at CES 2013, Ballmer took center stage to announce the news. However, experts claim that the platform suffered a fall in market shares in Q4 2012. So hard to say whether Windows Phone is doing well or not. We’ll just have wait and see until we see the exact figures.

According to, there were roughly 2.5 million units of Windows Phone handsets sold in Q4 2012. By comparison, Samsung sold 30 million units of the Galaxy S3 alone. So 2.5 million Windows Phone handsets isn’t a lot at all.

This 2013, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and RIM’s Blackberry 10 will be slugging it out for third place. Google’s Android is still the top dog in the market, while Apple’s iOS trials behind at second place.

Despite Microsoft spending a lot of money trying to market Windows Phone, the platform still struggles to gain ground in the market. RIM, on the other hand, has a lot riding on Blackberry 10 and were expecting the Canadian firm to come out guns blazing once it launches Blackberry 10 on the 30th of January.

It will be interesting to see who snatches third place in 2013. Will it be Windows Phone, or will it be Blackberry 10? What do you think? Let us know through a comment on our Facebook page.

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