O2 increases prices – you can’t cancel your contract

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Network operator O2 has increased its prices. The network will be adding 3.2% to every customer’s monthly bill starting in February of 2013. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your contract. This is bad news if you’ve signed up for a contract with the network to get your hands on devices such as the iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

O2 says on their website, “We’ve always done everything possible to give you great value. And keep your bills down.

“To date, we’ve held off putting our tariff prices up for as long as possible. Even when our competitors raised theirs.

“But now, because of inflation, we need to change the price of your tariff.

“From 28 February 2013, your line rental will go up by 3.2%. That’s in line with the current rate of inflation as at December 2012 when we made the announcement.

“You’ll see the increase on the first bill you get after 28 February 2013.”

Apparently, the price hike is due to inflation. This means that the rates for making calls, sending text messages, and data will remain unchanged.

O2 says, “What you pay for making calls, sending texts and using data isn’t affected by this increase. It’s just the mobile line rental for your Pay Monthly tariff.

“You don’t need to do anything. But if you want to work out what the price increase means for you and your mobile tariff, use our calculator.”

O2 suffered from two issues that resulted in outages this year. With a 3.2% increase in your monthly bill starting in February of 2013, you must be fuming. You may even be considering cancelling your contract. According to O2, you can take this course of action, but it will cost you.

O2 says on its frequently asked questions section, “You can. But as our terms and conditions allow us to put our prices up once every 12 months due to inflation, there would be a fee if you wanted to end your contract early.”

This means that you’re better off paying the additional 3.2%per month rather spending an arm and a leg for cancelling your contract early.

Will you be sticking with O2, or will you saying sayonara the first chance you get? Share your thoughts through a comment on our Facebook page.

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