Users report issues with new iPad 3G connectivity

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Apple’s new iPad (successor of the iPad 2) could have issues regarding 3G connectivity, adding to the list of issues plaguing the new iOS-powered slate. This is according to reports from owners of the tablet.

Currently, the new iPad is the hottest selling device in the market. However, this doesn’t mean that the third-generation iPad doesn’t come with issues. In fact, its users have reported a number of issues on various forums.

Initially, users complained of the new iPad overheating. Overheating issues is not new to Apple. There were several reports of the iPhone 4 exploding or overheating. Soon after, there were reports of the new iPad saying that it was fully charged, only to find out that it was only fully charged two hours after. Apple says that this is an iOS feature that preserves battery life. After the new iPad’s charging issues, there were reports of the tablet’s Wi-Fi issues, which the Cupertino firm typically denied, blaming its customers for holding it wrong. Now, it’s the tablet’s 3G connectivity that is under fire.

On the Apple Support Community forums, an increasing number of new iPad users are complaining about problems with new iPad’s 3G connectivity. The Apple Insider reports that the issue is said to affect international users, but not as widespread in the US. Furthermore, the problem only seems to happen once users reset their iPads.

Apple is yet to comment on these reports, but, once they do, do not expect an apology. We’re expecting another denial or blaming its customers on the way they use the device.

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