Apple’s new iPad susceptible to overheating

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It’s no doubt that Apple’s new iPad is currently the hottest-selling device in the tech world. After all, Apple has sold 3 million units of its new iPad in under four days since it first launched, which is three times as much as the iPad 2 did in its weekend launch. It has sold more than the Motorola Xoom has sold in a year. However, users are reporting a problem. The new slate has been reported to overheat.

According to a few new iPad owners, they have experienced an unusual high amount of heat while the tablet was in use. Some report that the new tablet would shut down due to heat, displaying the message, “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”.

The enraged new iPad owners have been ranting about their new devices’ overheating issues in forums. The problem only seems to affect a few iPad owners, which suggests that this may be isolated cases or new iPads with hardware defects.

Sunlight seems to be the main cause of the problem. One customer said, “Even in a relatively cool environment, direct sunlight will cause it to shut down.”

The customer adds, “I have had it shut down at very inconvenient times because I had not positioned it out of sunlight. No other piece of consumer electronics that I am aware of is as sensitive as the iPad.”

Unfortunately, Apple is yet to address the problem.

Are you one of the unlucky few who are experiencing an overheating issue with your new iPad? If you are, speak your mind through a comment.

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