Analyst says the new iPad’s A5X chip will not be used on the iPhone 5

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When Apple launched the new iPad, it was soon discovered that the next generation tablet did not sport the rumoured quad-core A6 chip. Instead, it came packed with a dual-core A5X chip, which was a slight upgrade of the A5 chip found on the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. So does this mean that the iPhone 5 will sport the A5X chips as well? According to an analyst, this will not be the case.

In an interview with MacWorld, Linley Gwennap, principal analyst at the Linley Group, said, “’I think that this new chip is probably just for the iPad. It looks like they planned ahead for this.”

According to reports, the next generation iPhone is likely to sport a different processor, which is focused more on preserving battery life than delivering more intense graphics. Furthermore, Gwennap claims that Apple couldn’t wait for a 28-nm processor, which is why it opted to make use of the A5X on the new iPad.

Dean McCarron, principal analyst at Mercury Research, agrees will Gwennap. Also speaking to MacWorld, the analyst said that Apple does need to boost graphics capabilities on the iPhone 5, saying, “There’s no technical reason to make the iPhone display better.”

McCarron suggests that Apple will make use of a 28-nm processor that is designed to be more power efficient. He also suggests that this will happen sometime this year.

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