Galaxy Note embarrasses iPhone in a new Samsung US ad

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Samsung’s at it again. In the past, it has made fun of Apple fans lined up for hours for the new iPhone with its Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note ad. Now, it shows a street challenge between a Galaxy Note and iPhone user (presumably using an iPhone 4S), embarrassing the iPhone users due to her phone’s lack of capabilities. Of course, the ad does not mention the iPhone directly, but it’s pretty obvious what phone the Note is challenging.

The ad starts with the captions, “we gave Android users just a few hours to play with the new Samsung Galaxy Note….then we hit the streets to see how other smartphone users stacked up against the Note’s groundbreaking S Pen in some simple challenges….this is what happens.” Both users are then set to go through a number of simple challenges such as creating e-cards and sending contacts directions. Of course, these are all easy tasks with the Note’s S Pen (stylus).

Of course, the ad ends with the iPhone users claiming to be “upset” and “embarrassed”. She also says that she’ll be getting the Note once it’s time for an upgrade.

Samsung clearly isn’t shy about advertising its rivalry with Apple. In Australia, it uses its legal victory against the Cupertino firm in a slogan for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 that reads, “The tablet Apple tried to stop.”

What do you think of these Samsung ads? Do you find them amusing, or do you find them annoying? Give us your thoughts.

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