Motorola Atrix gets firmware update version 4.5.141 – not Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

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The soon to be Google-owned Motorola is now rolling out a firmware update for its first dual-core smartphone the Motorola Atrix. If you’re thinking this is the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update for the handset, think again. It’s firmware version 4.5.141 and it brings a few enhancements to the smartphone.

According to Motorola’s website, these enhancements include:

Security: Implemented latest Google Android security fixes

Stability: Improvements to memory function as it relates to media applications and ability to prevent need for re-booting when phone is impacted by heavy loading or high temperatures

Bluetooth: Enhancement which allows you to launch voice command from bluetooth enabled headset when phone is asleep

Wi-Fi: Improvements to Wi-Fi settings to deliver better overall consumer experience as well as to make it easier to use Mobile Hotspot with your phone

Messaging: Improvements to text messaging capability to deliver better user experience

Contacts: Improvements are made to maintain all phone book contacts after the OTA upgrade

We give Motorola kudos for rolling out this firmware update for the Atrix, but it’s far from what every Atrix owner is waiting for. This is the Ice Cream Sandwich update, which was first featured on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

We’re hoping Motorola doesn’t make us wait too long before it rolls out ICS to the Atrix. After all, it’s one of the handsets that are pretty capable of handling the latest version of Android. However, since we’re all aware of the time-consuming process of releasing Android updates to the wide variety of hardware on Android devices, we’re not so sure if this will happen anytime soon.

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