Another win for Samsung – Apple’s appeal over Galaxy Tab 10.1 rejected by Dutch court

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It looks like Samsung is on a winning streak against its legal battles against Apple. The Korean tech giant has won another lawsuit, after a Dutch court rejected Apple’s appeal to ban the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Netherlands.

The Hague court ruled that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not infringe the iPad 2’s design. Apple has claimed that the Korean firm has copied the iPad.

Also included on the list of Samsung products banned in the Netherlands are the Galaxy S and its successor the Galaxy S2. Samsung has won against Apple in various countries such as Australia, which also concerns the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Samsung also faced a sales ban of their 10 inch tablet. However, German courts allowed the distribution of a modified version of the tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1N.

In the US last year, US courts ruled Samsung violated Apple patents with the Galaxy Tab. However, Apple was required to prove that the validity of the patents before the appropriate course of action could be ordered. Soon after, US courts questioned the patents Apple claimed Samsung violated and denied a proposed injunction from Apple.

Do you still believe Apple is protecting its intellectual property, or do you now believe Apple was merely trying to delay the competition? Give us your opinion through a comment.


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