Next generation Siri may give users the luxury of voice command shopping

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Currently, Siri on the iPhone 4S has created such a craze among Apple enthusiasts. It allows users to call and text at your command. It also allows users to get information on local businesses. Sadly, this function is still not available in the UK, since Apple is yet to hire a company providing local information. Despite this, the voice-activated personal assistant is so popular; hackers are finding ways to port the application to older iOS devices such as the iPhone 4.

It seems Apple has more plans for Siri, other than providing local information and assistance. According to the Apple Insider, the Cupertino firm has filed a patent that will allow Siri to shop for you using voice commands.

According to the report, Siri will initially allow users to shop for music, movies, eBooks, and other low-ticket items, if their understanding of the patent filing is correct. iTunes and iBooks were mentioned, which suggests that goods will come from these offerings. Surprisingly, Amazon is also mentioned. Does this mean goods can be purchased from Amazon, the makers of the iPad 2’s biggest rival the Kindle Fire?

Do you think the next generation Siri will allow you to shop using voice commands? Give us your thoughts through a comment.


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