Analyst reckons iPhone 5 will support both 3G and 4G networks, sport a quad-core processor, and be the thinnest iPhone yet

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It seems more rumors surrounding the Apple iPhone 5 are surfacing yet again. New reports suggest that the next generation iPhone will be much thinner compared to the iPhone 4 and its successor the iPhone 4S. Will it be as slim as the Motorola Razr? Unfortunately, no specifics were disclosed, but we’re hoping that it’ll be thinner or as thing compared to what the competition has to offer.

Furthermore, the iPhone 5 is said to pack a quad-core processor under the hood. Lastly, one unit is said to support both 3G and 4G networks, instead of two versions.

The report comes to us from Kathy Huberty, an analyst from Morgan Stanley, via BGR. According to BGR, “Huberty says Apple’s next-generation ‘iPhone 5′ will feature a new slimmer case. The iPhone 5 will also feature a new quad-mode chip from Qualcomm that could allow it to operate on all 3G and 4G LTE networks.”

Since this is a prediction, take this information with a pinch of salt. However, it does sound promising. An iPhone packing a quad-core processor, a slim profile, and support for both 3G and 4G networks will definitely make it more attractive to Apple enthusiasts. It might even cause other users to jump ship and convert to Apple.

Do you think these predictions are accurate? Give us your thoughts.


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