iPhone 5 rumored to sport a quad-core A6 chip

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The rumor mill just keeps spinning and spinning. According to recent rumors, the 5th generation iPhone will sport a 4 inch display, which was disappointingly absent from the current iPhone 4S. It had the same 3.5 inch retina display on its predecessor the iPhone 4. According to current rumors, the iPhone 5 will not only sport a 4 inch retina display, it will also come packed with the quad-core A6 chip. This means that Apple will be pushing the envelope in terms of performance.

Computer World reports that Cupertino firm is currently testing two new iPhone models. One sports a dual-core processor; the other sports a quad-core processor. It adds that Apple is developing the quad-core A6 chip. This means that the chip will be Apple-made and not by a contractor. If Apple decides to go quad-core, Computer World claims that the iPhone 5 will surpass quad-core Android rivals when it comes to performance. It is expected to launch sometime in 2012.

With a 4 inch touchscreen, Apple fans will finally get a large screen display, which they envied on Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its 4.65 inch touchscreen. With a quad-core Apple-made A6 chip, Apple can now put to rest claims that iPhones cannot compete with Android devices when it comes to processing power.

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