Apple brings its legal battle against Samsung to the UK

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Apple is taking its legal battle against the Korean tech giant Samsung to the UK. The Cupertino firm is now claiming that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S2 have copied the design of the iPad and iPhone in British courts.

The lawsuit was filed by Apple this week. This followed Samsung’s legal action against Apple back in June. Although the details of the lawsuit filed has not been disclosed yet, we’re sure it is similar to the lawsuits it has filed in other countries concerning copying its products’ design and even its products’ packaging. Samsung also claims that Apple has infringed on its patents.

Apple has successfully had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned across Europe. However, the ban has been temporarily lifted in some parts of Europe.

Apple and Samsung are engaged in legal battles in over 20 countries. Apple is claiming that core elements of Google’s Android OS used by Samsung’s devices as well as other major players infringes on Apple’s patents. If ever Apple manages to prove this, this will give Apple legal grounds to go after these other manufacturers as well as Google. Google has now armed itself with a vast portfolio of new patents when it purchased Motorola Mobility. Expect these legal battles to get even bloodier.

Should these industry leaders carry on suing the hell out of each other to protect their intellectual property, or should they just focus on getting cutting-edge technology in our hands? Give us your thoughts.

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