Future Blackberry smartphones getting front-facing BBM video chat

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True, the new Blackberry smartphones released by Rim come with more powerful hardware, an all new iteration to the Blackberry OS, and purely touchscreen handsets. However, there is still one feature missing, which the competition offers. This is a front-facing camera for video calls. According to new reports, future RIM handsets will feature a new version of the BBM with video chat integration.

RIM has promised to replace its current platform with the QNX operating system, which powers their tablet the Blackberry Playbook. These next generation smartphones are expected to make an appearance sometime in 2012.

Once of these rumored devices is the Blackberry Colt. Unlike its predecessors, this smartphone will sport a front-facing camera. This will allow users to enjoy more from video calls.

Gizmofusion’s sources say that these future smartphones sporting front-facing cameras are already being developed. These secondary cameras are said to be integrated into the Blackberry Messenger, which is the most successful and popular mobile instant messaging service.

Of course, this new feature will target other markets other than businessmen. It will target the youth. This will allow teens to indulge in video chat to their heart’s content, presuming that the BBM still remains free. Coupled with Blackberry’s new music streaming service, the youth is sure to welcome RIM’s new handsets with open arms. That’s if these next generation Blackberry handsets remain affordable.

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