Samsung Has Created A Windows Phone 7 Version Of The Galaxy S2?

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Rumor has it that Samsung has created a Windows Phone 7 version of their current flagship the Galaxy S2. These reports came from the Bluetooth SIG board. If these rumors are true, are we to see re-branded S2 running on the Windows Phone platform? 

Before any handset is released to the market, it is tested by the Bluetooth group if phone passes their wireless specifications. One of these handsets that went through testing is the Samsung SGH-i937. This smartphone is similar to the SGH-i927 (Galaxy S2) in specifications and the Samsung SGH-i917 (the US’ WP7 Focus) in operating system.

With the sequencing of the model numbers, it is easy for many to believe that the SGH-i937 is a re-branded Windows Phone 7 version of the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor-powered Samsung Galaxy S2. Despite sounding feasible, it is best to take this with a grain of salt.

This new Windows Phone 7-powered handset’s specifications are rather elusive. Aside from the model number, there is no way to truly find out if this Window Phone handset comes with the same specifications of the Galaxy S2.

It is most likely that the new smartphone will come packed with the same Super AMOLED Plus display found on the S2 and the Focus. This will allow users to enjoy more high-quality HD videos. However, when it comes to the dual-core processor, we’re not so sure if this will ever happen. We all know Microsoft’s strict guidelines when it comes to hardware on Windows Phone handsets.

Right now, we’re not keeping our hopes up. However, if Nokia were to release Windows Phone handsets sporting ducal-core processors, there may be truth in a Samsung dual-core-powered WP7 smartphone. Since, Nokia is expected to bend a few Microsoft rules, it is possible that others will follow suit, like the rumored SGH-i937 by Samsung.


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