Angry Birds Exceed More Than 200 Million Downloads

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Angry Birds has just proved that heavy graphics, stats management, and violence is not needed to define a game’s popularity. This simple game does not have any of the characteristics mentioned above. Simple game play is all it took to make the game highly addictive. So popular, in fact, that the game has received more than 200 million downloads across the Android and iOS platform. Recently, an NFC version was announced for the Symbian Nokia C7. This NFC version adds a few multi-player elements to the popular game. 

Game play is relatively simple. Using a slingshot, you fling flightless birds towards the game’s antagonist the pigs. You have to either destroy structures to fall on the pigs, or fling the birds to the pigs themselves. As you progress through the game, there will be a variety of new birds to use. In a nutshell, the birds are used to destroy any pigs in the way. No intense graphics; no character management, and no system requirements. All you need to do is fling birds to enjoy the game.

Originally, the game was designed for the iOS platform for devices such as the iPhone 4. Now, you can download the game on the Android Market for smartphones such as the HTC Sensation. It is also available on the Symbian handset mentioned above. Furthermore, it can be played via the Google Chrome browser. There have also been reports in the past of Rovio’s plans of transitioning their popular pig-killing game to console gaming platforms.

Nothing seems to stop the game’s popularity. The game is scheduled to reach another mobile platform the Windows Phone 7 platform. In addition, it will soon be flung over to Facebook. Since Facebook has more than 500 million active users, this is sure to “slingshot” Angry Bird’s popularity even more. Maybe they should change the slingshot into a catapult instead?


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